We work and operate like a DAO at CUPOC. Joining the team unlocks a variety of benefits that help you grow as an individual, make work feel like play and have fun experiences outside of work.

Onboarding to Web3.0

  • Learn Solidity (for free) 👩‍💻 everyone at CUPOC must know how to understand and write smart contracts. We'll offer a free course for the team to learn how to write secure contracts.
  • Social Token Reward ✨ for joining the team and participating in communities

Health comes first

  • Mental Health 💕 one subscription to headspace or joyable/talkspace
  • Exercise 🧘 $100 reimbursement for gym equipment (yoga mat, bands etc), subscriptions and more

Life at CUPOC

  • Travel & Vacation 🏖 $300 quarterly stipend for traveling, airbnb, or your staycation
  • Fully remote & decentralized 🌍 separated by geography, united by the internet
  • Flexible work hours 👥 work on your own schedule bc you can't time a creative process

Technology & Pay

  • Home Office Setup & Technology 📺 $1,000 reimbursement for your home office setup & technology needs (laptop, fast internet etc.)
  • Salary 💰 competitive salary with performance-based bonuses and raises at will
  • Stock & Token Incentives 🪙 option pool for ownership in tokens & equity